Bi-Annual & Yearly Preventative Maintenance Packages Offer:
A complete inspection and/or service to the following items and more

Benefits of a bi-annual & annual preventative maintenance agreement (PMA)

Complete system safety check-up
Improved efficiency & extended equipment life
Preferred customer priority scheduling
No overtime rates on emergency service
Preferred customer discounting of %15 on replacement parts
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For existing customers:

Refer family, friend or anyone for that matter and we replace or install a new system,  you receive $250.00 off the upgrade or replacement of your system

  • Replace standard 1” air filter
  • Check and wash outdoor condenser
  • Check refrigerant level
  • Inspect & wash accessible evaporator coils
  • Clean & check condensate drain
  • Humidifier service
  • Electronic air cleaner service

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We provide warranty service, aftermarket sales, and replacement parts to ensure that the equipment and mechanical systems continue to operate reliably and efficiently throughout their useful life.





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  • Check all electrical connections
  • Check volts & amps on motors 
  • Adjust blower motor & belt tension
  • Lubricate blower motor  
  • Inspect blower wheel   
  • Inspect flue pipe venting system 
  • Check zone system operation   

Bi-Annual & Annual Preventative Maintenance Agreement

In most instances heating and cooling systems work improperly, inefficiently, or fail, due to a lack of regularly scheduled general maintenance. Argus Air Systems, INC has designed a comprehensive plan to help reduce the chance of a failure to your HVAC system. As we all know, it will never break down at a “good time”. We will ensure that your system is operating safely and efficiently. With the cost of fossil fuels and electricity always on the rise, you cannot afford to skip regular maintenance! For your safety, no one can apply a price tag to that!

Residential and Commercial Heating and Air Conditioning Professionals

  • Inspect all safety controls
  • Perform energy efficiency evaluation 
  • Precision tune up & cleaning  
  • Inspect fuel delivery system for leaks
  • Inspect heat exchanger 
  • Check & adjust burners
  • Check gas pressure

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