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Custom Duct Work

Custom Duct Work Fabrication

Our in house fabrication facility will custom make duct work for any application

  • Residential heating and cooling duct systems
  • Commercial heating and cooling duct systems
  • Ventilations systems
  • Kitchen exhaust systems

Benefits of our custom made ductwork are simple:

  • Much tighter seamed connections which are less likely to leak as pre-fabricated duct work will
  • Can be designed and fabricated to meet the needs of space restrictions and be less intrusive then “off the shelf” pre-fabricated duct work will be
  • Custom made is not more expensive and will provide for a much tighter HVAC system with less duct leakage which delivers increased efficiency and overall indoor comfort.
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Unlike standard ductwork, custom-fabricated ducts are tailored to the specific needs of your business. For example, many plant processes release corrosive gases that should be transported out of the facility using a specific type of duct system.

Depending on the nature of your industrial application, your facility may require rectangular or round ducts. Each duct shape has its benefits and downsides. Overall, round ducts occupy less space and are cheaper to install.

Unlike generic duct systems, custom-fabricated ductwork is cut to your facility’s specifications. With this individualization, the risk of air leaks and subsequent energy loss is considerably lower.